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quiznight - 25th november 2017

Following 2016's successful Quiznight in the village hall, it was a brave decision by the committee to move the quiz to our brand new clubhouse.

This decision to switch to the clubhouse was made because the committee believed that quizzie tennis people would prefer the intimate friendly atmosphere of our superb new facility. Also we save £75 on booking the hall, and as we have spent virtually the entire club's reserves on re-surfacing the courts it seemed a prudent choice.

The price was £12.50 per person which included piping hot authentic fish & chips, chicken, sausages or veggie bake, served at the table direct from the Fishers mobile kitchen. Andy Gentry was again our superb quizmaster, this year reverting to a more standard set of questions - fortunate too that he has re-located away from Rotherham! The clubhouse proved an ideal setting, with Andy able to utilise the new TV for his picture round, the coach's amplifier to plug in Cordy's microphone for good effect, and laptop linked to speakers for a 'spot-the-tune' round, from Elvis onwards!

The mobile fish & chip van arrived on schedule and it was generally agreed that the quality of the food was first class. Jack Allum, our long serving President did stirling work behind the bar all evening, and generally members of the committee were always on hand to ensure things ran smoothly.

During the customary raffle, the quip of the evening emerged. As the winning ticket holders stepped up to claim the various prizes, Steve stood pondering which prize to select. Was it to be the leather case? Bottle of wine? At this point an unidentified voice called out 'take the free tennis lesson'. I believe Steve is offering a reward .....

With seven teams competing for what can only be described as an 'attic find' trophy, that even the creator must have found difficult to find a home for, the competition was nevertheless intense. The quality of the answers, leading to high scoring amongst the teams across a spectrum of fiendish questions put together by Andy, kept interest going to the very end.

Eventually a winning team emerged; the Ratfords' cleverly assembled team of diverse members had most subjects covered and it was Ian who proudly stepped up to accept the unique trophy which I am sure is already taking pride of place in the Ratfords' sitting room.

All agreed the evening was a great success, the proceeds adding to the much depleted club's funds.

With the huge rolls of carpet tightly wrapped, sitting outside the clubhouse, waiting to be unfurled over our tired courts the success of our first social event in the new clubhouse will be the launch of Slinfold tennis club into a new golden era. Our superb clubhouse, huge car park and enviable artificial clay playing surface on all our courts make Slinfold tennis club a prestigious tennis facility to be proud of.

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Team                                         XYZ History Science Tennis Geography  Music  Art & Lit  Pictures  TV & Film  Pot Pourri        Total    Position

Pink KRISTINE  AMANN             9        8          3.5             2             8              4           7                8             4                   4                 57.5        5th

Green         JO BARDOT              7      10           8               5             8              5           8                7             6                   6                 70           2nd

Orange   ALISON HILLS              7        4          5.5             6            6.5            6           4                6             4                   6                 55           7th

Blue     MARK PONTON               5        6           6               8             6              6           6                6             7                   5                 61           3rd

Red    SIMON STOKOE                5        5          5.5             7              8             8           3                9             5                   3                 58.5        4th

Yellow   IAN RATFORD                8        8           8               6            10             8           9                5             5                   8                 75           1st

White        PETER BIRD                6        5           7              6               6             4           7                5             6                   4                 56           6th


Our Quizmaster Andrew has added the following notes to the team results published above........


In total only 7 questions failed to be answered correctly by at least one of the teams:


Zoom airlines operate domestically in INDIA

the cute junior tennis player was MONICA SELES

tune 1 in the Music Round was SUSPICION by Elvis Presley and tune 9 was FLAWS by Bastille

the children’s TV show was 4 O’CLOCK CLUB

the INDI 500 motor race takes place over the MEMORIAL DAY weekend

unsurprisingly not even Mr Ponton knew that CZECH REPUBLIC took home 3 gold medals in the 2107 Slot Car world Championships.